The time has come to replace your older window treatments for newer custom window treatments. Surely you can just pick one you like and it will fit on your windows, right?

Slow down a moment.

Purchasing window treatments for your home is not as simple as going to a store and pointing. There is a lot to take into consideration so you can get the best treatment for you.

When purchasing your custom window treatments, remember these “Dos”:

Do Measure Your Windows Correctly

Did you know that your windows are all not the same size, even if they look like it?

It’s true! Your windows could be off by an 1/8 of an inch, which makes a huge difference when your windows are mounted. You would be surprised at how many people assume their windows are all the same size and order one size only to find they don’t fit.

As such, it is essential that you measure your windows correctly. When doing so, please take these questions into consideration:

Remember that a professional like Victor Shade will measure your windows for you in your free in-home consultation.

Do Think About Your Needs

Before coming in to purchase a custom window treatment think about your window treatment needs. Do you need room darkening in a bedroom or living room? Window treatments that will withstand the humidity of a bathroom or kitchen?

Go through your home or the room where you need new treatments. Write down your thoughts and when you come in to shop, you can discuss your list with your window treatment professional. By keeping a list of what you are looking for, you will be helping them help you effortlessly find the treatment of your dreams.

We highly recommend visiting the Victor Shade Showroom to see all of the different window treatments in action and touch them yourself.

Do Look At Fabric & Color Samples

So you have found the perfect window treatments for your home and needs. Now, you simply have to choose your preferred fabric, design, and color for your window treatments so they will match your home environment.

If you are looking at custom window treatments online, remember that what is shown on your computer screen is not representative of real life colors and can even change from monitor to monitor! So if you fall in love with a color and pattern online, head over to your local window treatment store like Victor Shade to see it in person.

In addition, how a color looks on a screen or even in a showroom might not be how it looks in your home. For example, the color you choose as the “perfect white” might look more blue or yellow in your home due to the room’s paint color or lighting.

To make the most out of your selection, schedule a time to meet with a professional in your home so they can bring sample books and show you how a treatment will look in your home.

Do Consult With A Professional

When you find yourself in need of new window treatments, our best piece of advice is to contact a professional window treatment professional like the ones at the Victor Shade Company. They will come into your home and help guide you to the best window treatment, but ultimately the final decision is yours.

At Victor Shade, our in-home consultations and our showroom consultations are always free!

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