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Details Make the Difference

Details Make the Difference What makes for an outstanding custom window treatment? One that lasts [...]

Custom Window Treatments can be Help Control Allergy Problems

Custom Window Treatments can be Help Control Allergy Problems It’s no secret to those with [...]

Updates Across Our Product Lines Increase the Safety of Children and Pets

On average, each year in the U.S., nine children ages five and under die from [...]

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Victor Shade Company – Your One-Stop Shop for purchasing new models and repairing old Window Treatments in St. Louis Metro Area!

At Victor Shade Company, we provide repair service for all window treatment needs in the [...]

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Raising Awareness For National Window Covering Safety Month

Whether we have pets or kids in our home, or simply having them over to [...]

7 Things You Missed While Child-Proofing Your Home

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Which Lift System is Right for Your Family?

When choosing window treatment for your home, it’s not all about what they will look [...]