Refreshing your kitchen for 2024? Use custom window treatments to lead the way

For most families, the kitchen is the nerve center of home. Cooking, dining, storage, entertaining all happen in the kitchen. Regardless of what you call home, a two-story house in the woods, an urban townhouse, a duplex or a garden condominium, the odds are your kitchen is one of the most often-used rooms in your home.

With that in mind and with the constant innovations associated with kitchens, cooking and storage, it’s no surprise that homeowners frequently want to update their kitchens. But no one relishes the disruptions and in many cases the costs associated with a full kitchen remodeling. 

There is, though, an attractive option: refreshing rather than replacing your kitchen.

A kitchen refresh can be defined in many ways. Typically, a kitchen refresh can be approached as something of a buffet, with homeowners choosing to update flooring, countertops, sinks, storage spaces, and/or window treatments. Pick one, or several and you’ll have a refreshed look for your kitchen. 

Where to begin?

While many homeowners almost instinctively think of cabinets when it comes to a kitchen remodeling or refreshing, the sky is the limit when it comes to new kitchen cabinets. And once a homeowner has chosen to replace those cabinets, then obviously countertops should be replaced as well. However, natural stone, quartz, ceramic and solid countertops, while capable of transforming the look of a kitchen, can be pricey. 

Clearly, new cabinets and countertops fall into the realm of a kitchen remodeling project. 

Homeowners interested in a refresh should consider sticking with new paint, flooring, storage space, sinks, appliances and window treatments. Of those refresh components, window treatments may well be the best starting point.

Why start with window treatments?

While many homeowners may not immediately think of updating window treatments as part of a kitchen refresh (or for an update on most rooms), starting with window treatments is an excellent idea. Why? Consider the following:

  • From a design standpoint, windows are a natural focal point in most rooms. After all, windows are the source for natural lighting in a room.
  • Custom window treatments offer homeowners extreme flexibility. Blinds, both vertical and horizontal, shades, and shutters are available in countless designs and materials. These window treatments are available in edgy, contemporary styling, traditional looks or modern yet neutral appearances. 
  • Regarding style, custom fit is always in style. 
  • Window treatments with their look and ability to control natural lighting, are a natural foundation for other refreshing elements such as paint, flooring and furnishings. Get the window treatments “right” and following improvements will fall into place. 

How to get started

Every home and every kitchen are unique. Architecture, available natural lighting, kitchen layout, homeowner priorities and budget are all factors in what can be a complex equation that can be difficult for homeowners to navigate. So, it makes sense to turn to experienced professionals who are dedicated to ensuring that each homeowner gets the right product, the right look, the right feel and the right function at the right price. 

Our professionals offer homeowners free in-home consultations, giving them the opportunity to see first-hand the strengths and challenges that come with each situation. They’ll work closely with you, assessing your space and most important, listening to you and understanding your goals.

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