Sheer Shades

Sheer shades provide a level of privacy without sacrificing your view. In addition, they reduce glare and block out much of the UV rays that can damage furniture, wood floors, and other valuable items in your room. Sheer Shades are perfect for living rooms, sun rooms, kitchen, and dens which benefit from natural light.

Some sheer shades are a combination of shades. When the vanes are open, diffused light enters your room, allowing you to see the landscape while creating a soft, ambient atmosphere. When closed, you have the option of translucent, semi-opaque, opaque, or room darkening vanes to offer you the privacy level you desire.

Sheer shades add beauty and style to your home, and at Victor Shade Company, we have many options to offer you. Be sure to ask a member of our sales team about them during your FREE in-home consultation or visit our designer show room to see full sized samples for yourself.

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Window Shades

Alta Dual Shades

Alta Dual Shades, also referred to as zebra shades or banded shades, combine solid and sheer linear bands to form a single shade that gives you precise light control.

Window Shades

Alta Honeycomb Shades

Our Honeycomb Shades (or cellular shades) come in multiple cell styles and a wide range of fabrics, textures, and light control options. The honeycomb shape — the most efficient in nature — is also the most insulating.

The Applause® Honeycomb Shade is a good option when looking for a more cost-efficient option while still maintaining the quality of a Hunter Douglas product. Like the traditional Duette® honeycomb shade, the Applause® shade provides energy efficiency by trapping a layer of air within it- keeping winter cold and summer heat outdoors and not in your home. In addition, the cords run through the honeycomb, presenting no visible cords, holes, or seams. The Applause® shade offers the SimpleLift™ easy cordless lift system at no additional charge.

Applause® VertiglideTM Shades offer a vertical complement to the Applause® horizontal shade. It is offered in the ¾” pleat size and a streamlined selection of fabrics and colors.

Designer Banded shades are a modern solution for view-through, light control, and privacy. They feature alternating sheer and fabric bands in a “continuous” roller shade.  As the shade is raised or lowered, the bands alternate between open and closed positions.  Shift the solid bands to overlap with the sheer band, and you ensure privacy.

Hunter Douglas Duette® Architella® Honeycomb shades are the most popular of our honeycomb products. Available in a wide range of colors and textures, they offer a patented honeycomb within a honeycomb cell design that creates three insulating air pockets, which provide the highest energy efficiency of any Hunter Douglas product.  In addition, the lifting systems available in this product offer the finest in operating ease and enhanced child safety.

If you are looking for something different when it comes to vertical blinds and want to save energy in the process, these “honeycomb within a honeycomb” shades are the choice for you.

The Duette® Duolite® shade is really two shades in one.  It is available as a top down/ bottom up option for a Duette® honeycomb shade.  When used in the traditional way, from the bottom to the top, it appears as a standard Duette® shade. However, when released from the top to the bottom, a sheer shade is revealed and allows beautiful, diffused light to enter the room.

Luminette® Privacy Sheers are an elegant choice to cover a large window or sliding glass door.  With the vanes rotated open, the sheer fabric diffuses and disperses the sun’s rays into soft, natural light to illuminate the room, while still providing UV protection. Rotate the vanes to direct the light where you'd like it or close them to enjoy the privacy of a more traditional drapery. In addition, the Luminette® can traverse across its track and stack on the side to allow complete openness.

Nantucket® Window Shadings are similar in appearance to the Silhouette® Window Shading.  They offer a streamlined  selection of operating systems and soft sheers. Both stylish and sensibly priced, these shadings feature 3″ vanes that tilt for effective light control.

Pirouette® Window Shadings provide a modern look and feel to the traditional fabric shade. In the closed position, soft, horizontal fabric vanes add beauty and elegance to any room.  Unlike a traditional fabric shade, the vanes of the Pirouette® Shade blossom open and appear to float gracefully, allowing a perfect view of the outside.  Similar to a Silhouette® Shade, there is a sheer backing to diffuse the incoming light and provide UV protection even in the open position.

Silhouette® window shadings float between two sheers and diffuse the harsh rays of the sun and minimize the impact of UV rays. When opened, the white rear sheer obscures the view into your home, providing daytime privacy.  When closed, you see the beautiful pattern and color of the material, and you can achieve the level of privacy you desire, from semi-opaque to room dimming. Silhouettes® are also available with an independently operated liner to provide a room darkening option without sacrificing the beauty of the product.