Screen/Solar Shades

Screen/solar shades provide privacy to your home without sacrificing your view. Also, they reduce glare and block out much of the UV rays that can damage furniture, wood floors, and other valuable items in your home. Screen/solar shades are perfect for living rooms, sunrooms, kitchen, and other rooms that benefit from natural light.

Some screen/solar shades are a combination of shades. When the vanes are open, diffused light enters your room, allowing you to see the landscape while creating a soft, ambient atmosphere. When closed, you have the option of translucent, semi-opaque, opaque, or room darkening vanes to offer you the privacy level you desire.

Screen/solar shades add beauty and style to your home, and at Victor Shade Company, we have many options to offer you. Be sure to ask a member of our sales team about them during your free in-home consultation or visit our designer showroom to see full sized samples for yourself.

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Window Shades

Alta Dual Shades

Alta Dual Shades, also referred to as zebra shades or banded shades, combine solid and sheer linear bands to form a single shade that gives you precise light control.

Alustra® Woven Textures offer a cross between a solar screen shade and a woven wood shade. Natural textures and woven patterns beautifully filter light and have a clean, simple appearance. Available in 12 fabrics and 47 colors.

Window Shades

Designer Screen Shades

Minimal yet sophisticated, Hunter Douglas Designer Screen Shades provide UV protection, light control and style. They are available from a 0% openness factor, allowing no visibility to the outdoors, up to a 14% openness factor, allowing 14% visibility to the outside throughout the day.