Duolite® Shades Strike A Perfect Balance Of Light & Privacy

duolite shadesDuolite® Shades combine both a light-filtering or sheer fabric with a room darkening liner in one shade.

Most Duolite® Shades operate on rollers and are only available with a motorized lift system. The light filtering or sheer shade is in the front, allowing softly filtered light to enter your room.

When you need more privacy or want to be able to sleep late in the morning, lower the front shade to the bottom of the window and the room darkening liner will come down behind it.

Because the two fabrics are on the same roller, there is no additional window depth required to take advantage of this multi-functional option.

Duolite® Shades Offered In A Variety Of Options & Styles

Duolite® roller shades are available in the following products:

Honeycomb Duolite® shades operate differently. This is because honeycomb shades stack rather than roll. The Duolite® shade is similar to a Top Down/ Bottom Up shade, but instead of a clear view-through at the top, two different fabrics are fused together into one shade.

The bottom part is either room-darkening or light-filtering, and the top part is a sheer, which beautifully diffuses the light.  Privacy is easily maintained because the view-through is at the top of the window, while the bottom of the window remains covered.  A new option that Hunter Douglas just came out with is a room darkening shade at the bottom and a light filtering shade at the top rather than a sheer.

In addition to a motorized lift system, the honeycomb Duolite® is also available with a cordless lift and a retractable lift system. With so many options, this is an excellent choice for your windows. You can find Duolite® honeycomb shades in the following shades: