Frequently Asked Questions

A Hunter Douglas gallery is not your everyday “showroom.” Instead, it is an exclusive retail display environment that captures the energy and elegance of the entire Hunter Douglas line. In a gallery, you can view and operate the full range of products available and easily select the treatments that best complement your home, all while seated comfortably in a well-lit environment. Enjoy in-depth knowledge of all our products and expert advice, as well as a measure and installation service.

Gallery stores receive the latest Hunter Douglas products before any other stores and carry some exclusive products as well. In addition, Gallery stores receive the most competitive pricing to help you stay within your budget. When you purchase a Hunter Douglas product at a Gallery store, your treatments are guaranteed by the “Right Choice Promise”.

The “Right Choice Promise” is offered exclusively by Hunter Douglas Gallery Dealers on new Hunter Douglas products. With this promise, after 21 days of enjoying your new purchase, if you are not thoroughly satisfied with the choice of product hanging in your window, you may choose a one-time only replacement Hunter Douglas product. There are some restrictions to this process and there may be some fees- your Victor Shade Sales representative can help you in the unlikely event you need to make another selection.

Victor Shade offers a free shop-at- home consultation. During this time, one of our experienced sales staff will assist you in choosing the best product, color, pattern, and lift system for your windows. In addition, we will measure your windows so that we can provide you with your bid.

Usually, a shop-at-home consultation will last from 30 minutes to 1 ½ hours depending on the number of windows you have and whether or not you have already narrowed down your product choices before your consultation.

Custom-made means we carefully measure each window, send the dimensions to the manufacturer along with your choice of material, color, and lift system; and your window treatment is made to your specifications. For this reason, our window treatments are non-returnable and non-refundable. However, we do offer a “Right Choice Promise” when you purchase a Hunter Douglas product.

Most products arrive in 4-6 weeks from the time of ordering. Shutters take 4-10 weeks depending on the brand you choose.

Victor Shade Company uses only Certified Hunter Douglas installers to install your product. This means that our installers have gone through rigorous training and have the knowledge and expertise to handle even the most difficult of installations. Because of this, Victor Shade Company can guarantee all of its work and the integrity of the installation.

There are certainly some quick and easy cleaning that can be done on many of the products you purchase from Victor Shade. Faux Wood blinds can be wiped with a damp cloth. Silhouette and honeycomb shades can be cleaned with a hairdryer on the coolest setting or with an aerosol can of air.

Although many “big box stores” offer products with the same name brands as Victor Shade Company, the materials are often different and the selection is less extensive. Additionally, Victor Shade offers specials not available at these other stores. Most of the products found at “big box stores” are not custom-made, but rather cut down to fit your windows. Victor Shade’s products are made specifically to the measurements taken in your home. At Victor Shade, we are responsible for both measuring and installing your custom windows. All of Victor Shade’s staff members have extensive training in the window treatments we sell. This is what we do all day, every day. “Big box store” employees may work in many different departments and not be an expert in any.