Hunter Douglas PowerView™ Generation 3

Hunter Douglas has launched the PowerView™ Generation 3. This automation system works with Bluetooth rather than Wi-Fi, allowing  all motorized shades to work with your phone or smart device without the need to purchase additional equipment! It even works together with, and uses the same app as, Generation 2 so you don’t have to worry about downloading a separate app to control your shades.

Motorized shades are an excellent way to simplify your life and control your custom window shades whether you are across the room or across the country.

Take Advantage of the Latest Fashion-Forward Innovation

Motorized shades use convenient technology to set the scene in your home. With this tech-savvy option, you can:

  • Control your shades from any location with the PowerView™ Mobile App that operates from your Smart Phone, Tablet, or the PowerView™ Pebble Scene Controller.
  • Save time opening each window treatment individually by grouping your shades together—a perfect option for homes with many windows
  • Keep your children and pets safe. Motorized shades mean there are no cords to operate, keeping pets and children safe from entanglement.
  • Schedule shade operation in advance with the PowerView™ Mobile app for energy efficiency, privacy, comfort, security, and convenience.

We also offer SoftTouch™ Motorization, a budget-friendly, battery-powered system controlled with a wand for when you don’t want full motorization. Simply push up or pull down on the wand, and your shades will gently lower themselves.

Simplify Your Life with the Easy-To-Use Pebble Remote

Each button on the remote can control up to 6 individual shades. Each remote has six buttons, allowing for up to 36 shades to be programmed on one remote. These remotes:

  • Are wireless
  • Have easy to use buttons that the whole family can operate
  • Come in 20 different color combinations
  • Have a “Favorite” button to set your shades to the perfect spot every time easily.
  • Can be wall-mounted for easy access

Set the Mood with Customized Scenes

With the PowerView™ Mobile App, you can upgrade to customizing “scenes” for your home. Customized scenes allow you to control your blinds according to saved preferences. Create day-to-day scenes such as “Wake Up” or “Hot Weather” to make your home as comfortable as you have always imagined. With the new PowerView Gateway, motorized shades allow you to:

  • Schedule scenes to happen automatically
  • Control your shades from any location
  • Link a scene to the sunrise and sunset based on knowledge of your specific location.

Integrate With Your Smart Home System

Another added benefit of motorization? When you include the new PowerView™ Gateway with your motorized shades, you can seamlessly integrate it with a compatible smart home system like:

  • Nest®
  • Google Home
  • Amazon Echo

When you ask about motorization, ask us about smart home compatibility. Remember, to take advantage of motorization, you must request it before you purchase your window shade. Motorization cannot be added to your custom window treatments after the fact.

Smart Home Compatibility

When you opt into motorization for your custom window treatments, you will be able to integrate it with your smart home system. Then, you can easily control your windows with a simple voice command. Perfect if you are busy, can’t reach those tall shades, or have your hands full.

Compatible smart home systems include:

  • Nest®
  • Google Home
  • Amazon Echo
  • Logitech® Harmony Home
  • Universal Remote Control (URC®)
  • ELAN® Home Systems
  • Control4®
  • Savant® Systems
  • Remote Technologies Incorporated (RTI)
  • Creston®

It is important to remember that each system has its unique way of integrating your motorized shades. Our technicians at Victor Shade will be able to help you set up your motorized shades with your home system with no fuss.