Think window treatments are only for windows? Think again! Window treatments are an excellent solution to adding privacy, light control and UV protection to your home’s doors.

What Kind Of Doors Do You Have?

The first step in finding the best treatment option for your doors is to understand what kind of doors you want to dress. Are they large, sliding patio doors? French doors? Knowing your needs before your shop for window treatments will help narrow your options so you can find what you are looking for.

French Or Single Doors

For doors like your single door or French doors, we recommend horizontal shades such as Roman shades for a classic, clean look, or honeycomb shades for energy efficiency. These options are slimmer and will logistically work better than verticals, which are designed for larger areas. Many treatments have a Duolite® option for diffused natural light while retaining privacy. which pairs a sheer or semi-opaque shade for natural light with an opaque shade for privacy.

Here are a couple of things you will need to remember before choosing your preferred window shade for these two types of doors:

You will have to take the handles and knobs into consideration. For doors with handles, the shade will need a bottom rail narrow enough to pass behind the handle. If not, a handle extension can be purchased. This will not be a concern with door knobs since they simply turn and will not run into the shade when turned. However, knobs will still dictate how wide a shade can be made.

If you are opting for shutters on your French doors, know that you have two options: a traditional shutter or one with a “French door cutout”. A French door cutout cuts the shutters to fit around the doorknobs, depending on the spacing and the knob/handle size. It may sound funny, but it solves a problem without having to replace your existing handles.

Finally, remember that the headrail of any product will project out and may affect how far the door will open. You do not want to discover that the treatment hits your cabinets or furniture every time you enter or leave your home.

Patio Or Sliding Doors

For large patio doors, vertical shades are a great option and aren’t the boring white blinds of yesteryear. Vertical shades come in a wide variety of options so you can find one that matches your home and needs. You can also mix and match horizontal and vertical shades for a consistent look.

For your patio or sliding doors, shutters that slide open (or “bypass shutters”) are also an option for your patio or sliding doors. For these types of shutters, the louvers will tilt open and closed and one side of the shutter will slide in front of the other to allow the patio door to slide open.”

For these types of doors, we recommend the following:

Consult A Professional

To completely understand if a treatment option will work on your doors, you will need to consult a professional. Our team of professionals at Victor Shade is more than happy to help you find the best window treatment for your doors and the lift system that best meets your needs.

Pay a visit our Showroom to see these products in action and schedule a free in-home consultation to see how these options will look in your home! No matter what you choose, at Victor Shade, your window treatments are custom made to fit your doors.

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