Lift Systems

LiteRise® Lift System

The lift system is a critical part of your window treatments and a part of the process you want to give a right amount of thought. Do you have children or pets? Is your window high up? Do you want the ease of operating your shades from your couch or bed? These questions, as well as others, will help you decide the best lift system choice for each room in your home.

Here are the lift systems we offer and how each affects you:

EasyRise™ & Clutch Roller System

An alternative to the standard cord lock, the EasyRise® system is a pulley attached to the wall. The clutch roller system is similar to the EasyRise® but is instead a beaded plastic or metal chain and used on roller and screen shades.


UltraGlide® is a fantastic alternative for when a cord for your window treatments is the best option, but you don’t want to worry about choking hazards. Gently pull on the single cord to raise the shade part way and let the cord retract. Then repeat the process until the shade is at the desired position. To lower, simply pull the cord towards the middle of the shade and release the cord, and the shade will gently lower itself.


If you want to take window treatment safety to the next level, choose the LiteRise® System. This system is cordless and is operated by simply holding the middle of the bottom rail and manually manipulating the shade into the desired position.

Something to keep in mind with this cordless option is that to raise the shades all the way open, you must be able to reach the top of your windows. Therefore, if you have tall or hard to reach windows, the LiteRise® System is not recommended.


Excellent for tall or hard to reach windows, PowerView™ is our motorized lift system option. Open and close your window treatments at the touch of a button on the Pebble remote, or through your smart device when used along with the PowerView™ hub. PowerView™ allows you to set times for your window treatment to open and close and works seamlessly with your smart home system.

If you desire motorization, please let us know before you purchase. Motorization cannot be integrated into a window treatment after it has been purchased and installed in your home.


SoftTouch™ Motorization is a budget-friendly, battery-powered system controlled with a wand for when you want motorization without the bells and whistles. Simply push up or pull down on the wand, and your shades will gently lower themselves.