How to Choose the Perfect Window Treatments – for You

Today’s selection of window treatments is truly amazing. In fact, for many shoppers it can be overwhelming. 

There are custom window treatments – dozens if not more – for every home, every window, every taste and every function. In the end, that’s a good thing, but in the near term deciding how to choose a treatment or treatments is often every bit as challenging as selecting the right window treatment.

Rest assured we can help. First, follow the steps below and you’ll be well on your way to selecting the window treatment or treatments that will best meet your needs and tastes.

Step 1: Select the right style for you

Choosing the style of window treatment is to a great degree a matter of personal taste. Basically, the treatments fall into categories including shades, blinds and shutters. Simple, right?

Not quite. Shades alone offer several options, including: 

Each type of shade offers different strengths, looks and feels. Solar shades, for example, are optimal for windows – often facing the south – that allow a great amount of sunlight to stream into a room or building. These shades are engineered to significantly reduce the ultraviolet light coming through a window, which can reduce cooling costs during hot summer months and also protect carpet, hardwood floors and furniture, which can be quickly damaged by these powerful light rays.

Shutters also offer a wide selection of types, including:

Shutters offer a unique, high-quality appearance that has tremendous appeal to many homeowners, In addition, many types of shutters are highly effective at blocking sunlight, providing privacy and keeping hot air out in the summer and warm air inside in the winter, thereby reducing energy costs.

Finally, we offer a wide selection of blinds:

Each offers its own appearance and feel. 

Keep in mind that within each category of window treatment we offer a broad selection of materials, colors and appearances. Take the time, consider what YOU like and select the type of treatment that meets your needs.

Step 2:  Choose your light control and color

Each type of window treatment offers its own level of light control, that is, its ability to keep light out and how it does so. For example, wood shutters when closed keep nearly all light out, while they can be opened partially or entirely and allow varying amounts of light into a home or room. Sheer window treatments, on the other hand, may greatly reduce the amount of light coming in through a window, but cannot on their own block all light. 

In addition, window treatments are available in a broad spectrum of colors and materials. It’s important to consider the décor and colors in your home or in a specific room and select colors for your window treatments that coordinate perfectly with your décor. 

Step 3:  Select the operating system that works best for you

Today’s custom window treatments can be operated by wands, clutch roller systems, or motors controlled by a remote or by a smart phone. The most popular way to operate most window treatments is simply by hand- a cordless lift system and just pushes up and pulls down.  Each system offers specific advantages. Take the time to consider each and choose the system that works best for your home. 

Step 4:  Coordinate added design options with your home’s décor 

Many types of window treatments are designed to work perfectly with décor-focused elements such as valances, fascias, cassette systems, hem bars and more. 

These elements can have a tremendous impact on the look and feel of your custom window treatments. And this impact enables your new window treatments perfectly meet your specific objectives. 

We are here to help!

We offer scores of blinds and custom window treatments and our experienced décor experts can help you through the decision-making process, step-by-step. Visit our new showroom – located at 11477 Page Service Drive, St. Louis, MO 63146 – the perfect place to shop for window treatments of all types, or schedule a consultation with our team. Quality matters, especially to the discerning customer. Let us show you why our window treatments will make a difference for you, your home, or your business.