Despite what many home makeover shows depict, upgrading your home to add value doesn’t have to be a huge undertaking that lasts weeks.

Simple, affordable upgrades can drastically improve the look of your home and even boost its overall value. Here are the most common, simple upgrades you can make to your home:

Update Your Hardware & Fixtures

Yes. Door handles, faucets, and lighting fixtures can go out of style and seriously date your home—especially if they are looking faded and worn down. For an easy weekend project, update your hardware and fixtures.

If you prefer not to replace them altogether, you can paint over them for a fresh new look. For example, spray painting gold faucets a matte black.

Clean Up Your Lawn

When it comes to improving your home’s value, cleaning up your lawn can go a long way. Not only will your lawn look better, but will give your property a new lease on life. Some simple tasks include:

  • Removing weeds
  • Trimming overgrown trees and shrubs
  • Power washing sidewalks to remove dirt and grime
  • Adding bursts of color with perennials
  • Spreading new mulch (Just remember to rake out the old mulch to avoid mulch volcanoes)

Update Your Window Treatments

If your older window treatments are looking dated or you simply need a change, updating them to something more modern will go a long way in adding beauty and value to your home. Even adding features like motorization can help add value to your home, as it is modern, easy to use, and safe for children and pets.

When shopping for new window treatments, stop by the Victor Shade Showroom to see our amazing selection in person and try them out for yourself! Once you have an idea of what you want, we are more than happy to schedule a free in-home consultation so you can match the shades to your home.

If you prefer not to part with your window treatments, it may be a good idea to give them a thorough cleaning or a few repairs to make them look new again. Simply bring them into Victor Shade’s full service and repair shop. All window treatments are welcome, even if they were not purchased at Victor Shade.

Remove Popcorn Ceiling

If you are actively trying to sell your home or at least considering the idea and are looking for an easy way to attract buyers, consider removing that popcorn ceiling. While good at controlling acoustics and concealing imperfections, many people today tend to see popcorn ceilings as a decorative sin.

If you do choose to remove your popcorn ceiling, we recommend hiring a professional to do the job. They will remove the popcorn cleanly and safely. Just remember to have a backup ceiling material like wood to install or else you will be looking at undecorated drywall!

Spruce Up Your Home’s Paint

Did you know that your home’s paint will fade over time? It’s true! Even if you save the original can so you can do some touchups later it may not match anymore, meaning you will have to repaint the entire room.

That’s ok, though. Because by adding a fresh layer of paint, you will be making your home look brighter and fresher. Especially if there was a heavy smoker in the house and you are experiencing smoke damage. Just be sure to wash the walls to remove buildup before you paint.

Remember To Make & Stick To A Budget

Whether large or small, always create and stick to an interior design budget. Determine what projects you would like to do, research the items you want, how much it would take to get them done by a professional (if needed), and remember that it is ok if everything is not done all at once.

If an item you want goes above budget, see if lesser items can be reasonably removed so you can afford the larger item. If not, save it for another time.

Looking For An Upgrade?

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