Do windows take up a significant portion of a wall or two or three in your home? Bay windows, breakfast nooks, windows that are simply too large for one shade or blinds to fit across, and other windows that are close together can be a challenge when it comes to finding the right window treatments.

Take Light Gaps & Mountings Into Consideration

The first problem you may run into when finding the best window treatments for windows that are close together is light gap problems. There is no way to avoid light gaps when two shades are next to each other, as the headrail will always be wider than the cloth. But of course, some products such as honeycomb shades have smaller gaps than other products, such as Sonnette® Cellular Roller Shades.

Find Shades That Offer A Seamless Mount

If possible, look for options that offer a seamless mount. Wood blinds are an excellent example of a seamless mount. Here, you can get multiple blinds on one valance for a unified look. If you prefer shades to blinds, the Vignette ® Modern Roman Shades are an example of a shade that offers shades on one headrail to offer a continuous look.

However, you must remember that this is not the case with all window treatments, so be sure to ask a professional about this option.

Honeycomb Shades Are Cleanly Designed

Honeycomb shades are not only energy efficient, but they look great on your close together windows! With the way honeycomb shades are designed, the head rail is small so when they are opened there is a clean look. With their minimal light gap, they are excellent choices if you are looking for a room darkening option, like the Sonnette®.

Shutters Add Elegance

If you understand how shutters will fit and work in your home, then shutters are another great way to get a uniform, elegant appearance in your home. Depending on your trim, frame shape, and tilt function of your windows, the way you mount your shutters can affect the view and how your windows function.

Since shutters are separated by a trip, they are a great way to minimize light gaps, as you are not trying to put two shades or blinds right next to each other.

To understand shutters in your home, consult with a professional.

Vertical Shades Benefit Large Windows & Sliding Doors

If you are daring, you could also consider vertical shades for your large windows. These shades can be mixed and matched with horizontal for a consistent look and benefit homes with larger windows or patio doors.

Vertical shades would prevent you from having to mount two horizontal shades next to each other and would also prevent light gaps. However, if you choose vertical shades on a window rather than a sliding door, you must have enough wall space on the side of the windows to allow the shade to stack outside of that window.

On a sliding door, this is less of an issue, since having a stack on the door that does not open does not prevent the door from sliding open

If you desire to open each blind individually, we recommend another option like honeycombs.

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