Composite Wood Shutters

Do you love the look of hardwood, but are looking for something more affordable? Custom composite wood shutters let you have the look of hardwood shutters without breaking your budget. Choose from a wide variety of stains and paints that best matches your home.

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NewStyle® Composite shutters are made from a mix of genuine wood and synthetic polymers to combine the look of real wood with the strength and durability of modern-day materials. They are resistant to the warping and fading that can occur with any real wood product. In addition, they are easily cleaned with a simple dusting. These composite wood shutters are available in several louver sizes and offer a more affordable option than hardwood shutters without sacrificing quality or beauty.

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Norman Woodlore Plus TM

Norman Woodlore PlusTM shutters are made and designed the same as the Norman Woodlore TM shutters, but offer wider panels up to 36” across that allow a more streamlined profile and unobstructed views. They resist moisture, shrinking, and warping and won’t chip or crack over time. As with other composite shutters, Woodlore PlusTM shutters are easy to clean with a simple dusting. If you have wide windows or simply want to have a seamless view, these shutters are an excellent choice!

Norman's most popular shutter, Woodlore® composite shutters are constructed with a solid MDF core which offers incredible durability and strength. In addition, the production process creates significantly less waste, and produces one of the eco-friendliest materials around. These shutters are low-maintenance and come in a variety of white-toned neutrals. They will not fade or yellow with sun exposure or warp or crack over time. The composite wood provides a more consistent finish than real wood at a more affordable price.