Custom Wood Blinds

Wood blinds provide a variety of domestic benefits: Wood is a natural insulator that creates a barrier between the room and the window, helping save energy and lower cooling and heating costs. Because of their composition, wood blinds also provide light barriers, significantly darkening a room and providing almost complete privacy when they close.

Wood blinds are also very easy to clean, as they are more substantial than the standard plastic or metal blind. They can simply be wiped with a dry cloth or with a wood-safe product and do not need to be removed from the window.

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Window Blinds

Alta Wood Blinds

Alta wood window blinds are a popular window treatment because they blend with almost any décor while offering richness, texture & effective light blocking.

Parkland® Wood Blinds create a warm and inviting ambiance by combining the beauty of natural hardwood with authentic variations in grain and texture. As with all blinds, when in the lowered position, the louvers can be tilted to allow natural light to enter the room. When the louvers are closed, the blind can be raised to the top of the window to allow maximum light and view-through. These wood blinds are available in a variety of louver sizes, colors, and textures, including a wire-brushed, distressed look.