Redecorating? What will be Hot or Not?

Fall has arrived, winter is approaching, and New Year’s Day is right around the corner.

As predictable as the arrival of the seasons, the announcements of colors of the year for the coming year are being issued by paint and décor companies. Obviously, these forecasts are rather subjective and are based on consumer trends. But the companies announcing their colors of the year are serious about their study of these consumer trends, so giving them some thought when it’s time to redecorate can give homeowners a jump on what is soon to be hot.

How do Manufacturers Decide Which Colors will be Popular?

When paint and décor companies select their colors of the year, they take into consideration several factors, some objective and others subjective.

They look at what sells and determine which colors or shades of colors have steadily increased trending sales. They also consider what colors furniture, décor and even clothing manufacturers are increasingly using. Finally, they assess the overall mood of the nation. For example, during a prolonged economic downturn, auto manufacturers will focus on offering vehicles in reserved tones such as grays, charcoal grays, black and cream.

Conversely, when economic times are good, those same manufacturers will roll out color pallets emphasizing reds, bright blues, brilliant whites and even vibrant greens or yellows. The idea is to offer consumers the colors they want at the moment, thereby increasing sales. This same principle applies to clothing, furniture and paints.

The 2024 Colors of the Year:

For 2024, the colors of the year aren’t depressing, but do seem to trend to solid, reserved shades, which may or may not reflect the mood of the nation. Regardless, below are some colors you may want to consider if you’re preparing to redecorate this fall or winter.

“Ironside” by Dutch Boy

The name may not be extremely specific, but Dutch Boy’s color of the year is Ironside, a neutral, deep olive the manufacturer considers to be “comfortable,” “relaxing,” and able to “bring harmony to a home.”

It’s a dark shade, but one some homeowners may find calming and “restorative,” as Dutch Boy describes it.

“Persimmon” by Sherwin-Williams

Sherwin-Williams has a different take on 2024 colors, announcing this summer that its color of the year for the coming year is Persimmon. Persimmon is a muted pastel, light clay type shade that Sherwin-Williams says creates a “warm and welcoming mood.” The company recommends persimmon for kitchens and living rooms, where it can “promote positive relationships and conversation.”

To be sure, it’s a different color and an interesting choice.

Behr: “Cracked Pepper”

For many, Behr’s choice for its 2024 color of the year is a bold choice: Cracked Pepper, a deep, nearly black charcoal color that Behr describes as “almost black.” The manufacturer also says cracked pepper “evokes a sense of confidence and individuality.”

It’s a dark color, no question. And while it may not be everyone’s first choice, it seems calming and relaxing.

And that seems to be a trend.

“Renew” Blue by Valspar

Valspar color of the year is Renew Blue, a soft sky blue color that while not vibrant and energetic, is bright when compared to other 2024 colors of the year.

Still, Valspar describes Renew Blue as “evoking a feeling of balance and calm, with a twist of spontaneity.” The company also describes its 2024 color of the year as a “…versatile and all-season shade that anyone can envision in their space. Inspired by fleeting elements like fog, mist, clouds, and glacier lakes …”

“Limitless” by Glidden

Glidden’s 2024 color of the year is “Limitless,” a neutral, warm color that is nearly a pale yellow. Glidden calls it an “anything-but-yellow honey beige,” and describes it as “a modern neutral as adaptable as its name implies and is taking the place of cool neutral tones that are so last year.”

It’s certainly one of the lighter colors of the year and in that respect seems like an excellent choice for making spaces seem brighter and more open.

“Bay Blue” by Minwax

Minwax, manufacturer of a wide selection of paints and stains for wood, has chosen “Bay Blue” as its 2024 color of the year. Bay Blue is a rich, medium blue color that is available in a range of products, including solid and semi-transparent wood stains. Minwax calls the color “the intersection of contemporary and classic,’ one that fits well with a number of color pallets and design themes.

Minwax notes that the color is part of the coastal grandmother aesthetic that has become increasingly popular in home décor during the past year.

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