It’s All About Light

When it comes to creating a look, feel and mood in a room or an entire home, nothing has a greater impact than light.

Dark paints, flooring and furnishings can create a cramped or dreary feeling. Or, when used correctly, they can reflect enough light to make a room or home feel warm and comfortable.

Light and bright colors, whites and light yellows for example, can create a light, open feeling. Overused, they can also create a sterile, harsh and cold feeling as they reflect light throughout the room or the house.

Just as photographers often say “photography is all about managing light,” light is the essential element for establishing the character of a room or home.

Let the Sun Shine in

Rooms, homes and buildings with large windows and doors often have a more open, spacious and bright feeling, as the sun’s natural light (which is different from artificial lighting) pours in throughout the daylight hours.

Generally, windows and doors facing south are exposed to more sunlight than those facing the north, which means more natural lighting can stream through windows and doors. When it comes to natural light, the larger the windows and doors, and the more southern their exposure, the more light will enter.

Windows and Doors can also Affect Light at Night

The impact of windows, doors, and window treatments on interior lighting doesn’t end at sunset.

It’s important to understand that the design of window treatments, the materials used in them, their colors and their finish all have effects on interior lighting.

For example, a large sliding glass door that features vertical blinds can cover more than 50 square feet. If those blinds are a stark white color with a smooth, semi-gloss or even gloss finish, they will reflect the light from lamps, fixtures and even televisions efficiently, making the room seem brighter. If that same sliding glass door is covered by rough finished tan cloth vertical blinds the amount of reflected light will be reduced greatly as tan and a rough surface such as a textured cloth, absorb light more efficiently than a glossy white finish. Working with our expert staff can help you decide which window treatments will help you achieve your objectives, especially when it comes to interior lighting quality.

What’s Good and What’s Bad?

There is no single, “right” or “best” window or door fixture when it comes to making the most of interior lighting. The best treatments – there are hundreds available – are those that best achieve the design and décor objectives of the homeowner, business, or decorator.

It’s important to think through the purpose and environment best suited to each room, and that varies not only by that purpose but also according to the preference or preferences of the person or people who will use the room.

Generally, homeowners prefer kitchens to be lighter and brighter, while many people prefer a warmer, cozier feel to a bedroom. Lighting is also crucial in bathrooms, as harsh, bright light can be less than ideal for people who are shaving or applying makeup.

Contact the Professionals at Victor Shade

When it comes to getting the lighting in your home, office or even a single room “just right,” it’s important to work with experienced professionals who are committed to ensuring you will get the right product, the outstanding look, the best possible system, and a look and feel that is right for you.

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