They aren’t Just Shades or Blinds; They’re Decor

Without a doubt, shades, blinds, curtains and drapes all have a functional purpose. They keep light out, they help maintain privacy, they increase security and they can reduce heating and cooling expenses.

But window treatments have another purpose, one that’s as important in many ways than all of those just listed.

Window treatments, especially custom window treatments are a foundational design element that in many ways set a specific tone for a home, business or other building. Window treatments serve to frame views outside of a room or a building. They speak volumes as every eye is naturally – and repeatedly – drawn to windows and doors, and to the look, feel, texture and tone of that window. Regardless of the type of treatment, they’re important pieces of décor.

And they’re often an afterthought. But smart homeowners, business owners and managers recognize the important and lasting design statements window treatments make.

Window Treatments Make a Statement; but What Statement?

Walk into any room, a living room, a lobby, a doctor’s office reception area, for example, and consciously look around. Are the window treatments ill-fitting, dirty, bland, or out of sync with the color and décor of the room? Are they out of style? Do they look “so 1979?” What’s the message that goes with that impression?

Or were they obviously selected with thought? Do they fit well? Are they clean and working well? Was thought given to not only to their design but to their color and materials?

Think about it. What’s more memorable? You purchasing plain white vinyl vertical blinds that “sort of fit” a window in terms of size from the Internet, or a set of clean, custom fit cherry wood shutters? A set of big box store horizontal mini-blinds or custom fitted soft cloth Roman shades featuring a textured cloth in a tasteful off-white color?

It’s the same idea as comparing an off-the-rack suit with a tailor-made business suit. Each makes a statement.

Custom Window Treatments Impress

Many homeowners spend countless hours researching the right “look” for their homes. They consider endless flooring, furniture, paint, fixture, and lighting options. But too often, the windows and window treatments are something of an afterthought. “We’ll just put up some vertical blinds” is an attitude that misses out on an excellent décor opportunity. Windows and window treatments can speak volumes. Putting the energy and thought into choosing the perfect custom window treatments will pay off with a look that’s current, cohesive, stylish and enduring.


A Custom Window Professional can Transform a Room or Home

At Victor shade, we take immense pride in offering a full range of custom window treatments, with exceptional looks and designs in all price ranges.

We offer customers an amazing selection of quality products. And we realize our huge selection can be almost overwhelming for some customers. Recognizing that, we offer customers free consultations with our design and installation professionals.

Our professionals have exceptional knowledge of the trends in design, the wide range of products available and are extremely skilled at evaluating your home or business, then considering your budget and design objectives, and providing you with a number of attractive options designed to meet and exceed your expectations. They’ll give you their recommendations for your exact situation and show you our products.

Finally …

When it’s time to update and refresh your home’s or business’s window treatments, it’s important to work with experienced professionals who are committed to ensuring you have the best possible options that make the décor “statement” you want. And our installation professionals will ensure your treatments fit and function perfectly.

Victor Shade Company has been providing exceptional service to customers for 115 years. We’re here to show you your options, help you choose the right window treatments, and install high-quality products for you, every time. Contact us today for a complimentary consultation!