Over time, window treatments can fade and become damaged—especially if they are older treatments. In most cases, you have redesigned your home and your current treatments no longer match.

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When that happens, it is time to upgrade your older window treatments for a newer model.


Newer Treatments Are More Energy Efficient

Standards for energy efficiency has improved over the last decade, making today’s window treatments more energy efficient than their older cousins.

Honeycomb shades are especially energy efficient thanks to cells that are designed to trap air and provide additional insulation to your home. With better energy efficient window treatments, you can reduce energy loss in your home up to 40%!

Newer Treatments Offer More Options

Today’s window treatments offer many more options in terms of styles, fabrics, colors and patterns than older models. Want top-down bottom-up shades? We have them!

Want to mix and match vertical and horizontal shades to create a unique look in your home? Go for it! Combining shades like this keeps a consistent look in your home.

Want shutters in your bathroom but don’t want to worry about warping and fading? Vinyl shutters are available to give you the bathroom of your dreams.

Newer Treatments Are Safer For Kids & Pets

Unlike older window treatments with their loose cords, today’s window treatments are safer for children and pets thanks to cordless and single cord lift systems. Motorization like SoftTouch™ and PowerView™ are excellent child- and pet-friendly options, as they are cordless and can be controlled with the touch of your hand, the sound of your voice, or the touch of a button on your smartphone or remote.

These safer systems prevent children and pets from getting entangled in cords and becoming injured.

Can’t Let Go? Inspect Your Older Treatments For Damage

If you are still in love with your older window treatments, that’s great! Just remember to inspect them for damage.

If your treatments are warped, frayed, or difficult to raise it is time to upgrade to newer window treatments. If they just need some sprucing up or a cord replacement, you can take them into Victor Shade’s repair shop for high quality cleaning and repairs. Your treatments will look good as new!

Please remember that some treatments, such as those with mylar centers or those that are very old, cannot be cleaned in our ultrasonic tanks. Our experienced team of professionals will talk with you to determine the age and material of the shades to determine the best, safest method of cleaning.

Get A Free In-Home Consultation With Victor Shade

When upgrading your older window treatments, it is important to understand what you are looking for and what treatments will work in your home. For example, are you getting new treatments in the bathroom? Then you will need something that can withstand the humidity of the room, like vinyl shutters or a screen shade.

A free in-home consultation with a Victor Shade professional will guide you through the process of choosing the best treatments for your home and needs.

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