Your home is your castle and you and your family deserve privacy and comfort. Regardless of the size of your home, there are many ways you can add privacy to your home that are tasteful and budget friendly.

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To improve privacy in our home, follow these four easy tips:

Plant Evergreens & Other Native Plants

Planting evergreens and plants native to your region is a lovely way to not only get some green in your life, but some privacy as well! Evergreens are especially helpful in year-round privacy as they will not shed their leaves in the winter.

Along with evergreens, planting non-invasive plants native to your area will add a layer of privacy to your home, as well as biodiversity. In addition to privacy, these plants will attract and host beneficial animals and insects like birds, bees, and butterflies.

Not only does planting plants help with your home’s privacy but can reduce noise pollution as well, especially if you live along a busy street. Be sure to maintain this landscaping to prevent unsightly overgrowth.

Frost Your Windows

Frosting your windows is a lovely way to increase privacy in your home without sacrificing natural light. Frosting is an easy weekend project and can be done cheaply with frosting spray you can buy in the store. With the right materials, you can also etch patterns.

If you live in an apartment or prefer not to frost your windows with spray, static cling film is an excellent, temporary way to improve your home’s privacy. Frosting is especially efficient for areas where you may not prefer to use window treatments, like your front door.

Install Fencing Along Your Property Line

Fencing is also a viable solution to help increase privacy in your home and there are many beautiful styles available to meet your needs and tastes. If you have a chain link fence, privacy screens can be installed.

Before installing a fence, be sure to check local building codes such as fence height regulations. You do not want to find yourself stuck with a fee and the need to rebuild your fence.

Invest In The Right Window Treatments

If frosting your windows isn’t your taste or you want to gain insulation and light control in addition to privacy, we have just the solution for you!

Investing in the right window treatments have a number of benefits in providing privacy to your home while providing natural light in the day and room darkening at night. Sheer shades, screen/solar shades, top-down bottom-up and the right window treatments on doors will go a long way in improving home privacy.

Choosing motorization when you purchase your window treatments is an excellent way to improve privacy in your home. For example, left for work and forgot to close the blinds? Using your smartphone and the PowerView™ mobile app you can easily tell your shades to close, giving you peace of mind.

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