If your shades are looking dull and grimy, you may be thinking that it is time to replace them. After all, cleaning them yourself would take too long, right?

Not so fast!

Instead of pitching your older shades, they could benefit from a good cleaning to make them look as good as new. Taking your shades in to a professional to clean means you will be getting the best cleaning methods possible, like ultrasonic cleaning.

What Is Ultrasonic Cleaning?

Simply put, ultrasonic cleaning is a method where high-frequency sound waves combined with warm water and a water-based cleaning solution remove grime, dirt, smoke build up — you name it. Ultrasonic cleaning is exceptionally efficient at cleaning out hard-to-reach areas like grooves and hidden crevices, ensuring your window treatments are as clean as they can be.

And since the cleaning solution is water-based, there is no need to worry about harsh chemicals damaging your window treatments.

What Window Treatments Can Be Cleaned Ultrasonically?

While many window treatments can be cleaned ultrasonically, like roman shades or vinyl blinds, there are some that cannot due to the potential of damage. Window treatments that cannot be cleaned ultrasonically include:

  • Wooden blinds
  • Shades with mylar centers
  • Room-dimming Silhouettes®
  • Luminettes®

When you take your window treatments in to be ultrasonically cleaned by a professional, it is important that you know what your window treatments are made of and how old they are. For example, if you bring in your wooden blinds for a cleaning, we will take them completely apart and wiping them down with wood cleaner, before restringing them. Also, if your shades are over 10 years old, they may not be able to be cleaned. Your cleaning service will be more than happy to let you know the best method for your specific treatment.

Consult A Professional

Before you take your window treatments in for cleaning, be sure to research the company. What are their credentials? How many years of experience do they have? What is their relationship with previous customers? Asking these questions will help you find a reputable cleaning company.

When you bring in your treatments, ask how they will be cleaned and how long the cleaning process will take. Due to the different materials and designs of window treatments, some may take longer to clean and dry than others. It’s well worth the wait.

At Victor Shade we offer the only full service, in-store ultrasonic window treatment cleaning in the greater St. Louis area, so you can bring in your window treatments for cleaning, regardless of the manufacturer! We are also certified and insured, so you can rest easy knowing your window treatments are in safe hands.

Rejuvenate Your Blinds With Victor Shade’s Ultrasonic Cleaning!

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