An open kitchen design is all the rage right now. Besides looking beautiful, an open kitchen makes your home look more modern and gives you several benefits that you may not have had in a closed kitchen space.

More Time with Friends & Family

The modern kitchen has taken on not only a functional role, but a social one: much of our daily life and socializing happens there. It is for that reason that many homeowners embrace the open kitchen design. You can freely socialize with friends and family while cooking—something that usually gets cut off with a closed kitchen.

If you love the open kitchen design but sometimes want a little privacy, you can always install sliding doors that can open or close the space at will. If you prefer a less permanent option, movable room dividers are a pretty alternative that can be easily customized.

Enjoy a More Spacious Look & Feel

Even if you have a small kitchen, opening it up can really make a difference in its look and feel. Since homes have been getting smaller on average, having an open kitchen design minimizes the cost of a home and maximizes much-coveted space. In addition, having an open kitchen design may boost your home’s resale value. If you worry about losing storage with an open kitchen, there are many ways you can easily maximize your storage space with small renovations or by getting clever.

Let More Light into the Kitchen

Finally, another huge reason to open up your kitchen is to let in more natural light. Having good lighting in the kitchen is essential because it not only makes the kitchen look better, it also makes it safer. With proper lighting, you can easily see labels, measure ingredients, and avoid sharp objects.

To keep your kitchen light and bright while still preserving privacy, choose the right window treatment options like sheer shades. Sheer shades will let in natural light even when closed, giving you much-needed privacy should you desire it. They will also help reduce glare and UV light if your kitchen window is positioned in a way that catches the full brunt of the sun.

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