Do you love the idea of living surrounding by woodlands in a rustic lodge? Are your dreams filled with a warm and cozy atmosphere reminiscent of those summer trips to grandpa’s fishing cabin? You can get this home design even if you live in the suburbs with these accessories that will make your home perfect for rustic living:

Welcome Guests with a Hall Tree

A mirrored hall tree is a great place to hang coats or check yourself one last time before leaving the house and it will add an air of additional hospitality to your home. Hall trees can also provide hidden storage in the seat, giving your guests a safe place to put their bags at parties.

Bring the Forest into Your Bedroom

Even if there’s no forest around you, you can still get a taste of it in your bedroom with a forest branch bed frame. Its design is rustic and beautiful while remaining contemporary enough to look great in your home.

Warm Up the Floors with a Rug

No one likes the feel of cold floors on their bare feet during the colder months. Adding a rug to your collection will not only make a grand fashion statement, but also:

  • Reduce noise
  • Prevent slips and falls
  • Provide extra warmth
  • Improve air quality

There are many rugs available that have a rustic design that you can choose from, from the classic Navajo designs to something a little more subtle like delicate geometric patterns.

Beautify the Kitchen with Leather Stools

Who said rustic living was all antlers and seats that look like logs? A leather stool is a lovely way to add sophistication to your rustic home without going overboard on the log cabin look. In addition, you’ll also be giving your guests and family a comfortable place to sit at the bar.

Rustic Window Treatments Complete the Home

A home isn’t complete without the perfect window treatments to make your home look beautiful. Hardwood shutters are a lovely way to give the home a cozy, rustic look.

However, if hardwood shutters aren’t right for you and your home, there are other window treatment options that will still make your home cozy. Roman shades are great choices, as they will give you:

  • Rich textures
  • Privacy
  • Darker, more intimate lighting

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