Pairing up different materials in your home is a great way to add visual interest to an otherwise stale room. Metal’s sleek, smooth, and modern feel provides a lot of opportunity for interesting textural and visual juxtapositions. Here are three great pair ups to try in your home:

Metal & Wood

Want a more modern home with a hint of the traditional? Mixing metal and wood together in your home design can help you easily achieve that look because:

  • Earthy tones mellow out industrial materials
  • Wood grain patterns add visual interest to plain metal
  • Gray and silver work well with the browns and reds you get in most wooden decor

For instance, adding window treatments like metal blinds with a wooden head rail is an easy way pair these materials without redoing your entire home—especially if you already have other wooden or metal accents in your rustic décor.

dreamstime_xs_3271904Metal & Mirrors

Want a little extra shine in your home? Adding metals and mirrors into your home is a good way to go—especially if you want to try something new and edgy. These reflective surfaces will help make your home look bigger when angled towards a focus point in the room Pro Tip: Be careful not to go overboard when using mirrors and metallic in your home—it’ll become overwhelming and make your home look very busy.

Metals pair well with mirrors, as the contrasting materials will complement each other. Especially in the case of furniture like a side table, giving the illusion that nothing is there, which opens up a small space.

Metal & FabricLUM_2008_MshrmSparkle_Detail

Metal head rails add a level of sophistication and modernity to your home when paired with screen shades—especially if you embrace the minimalist lifestyle. They won’t appear to take up a lot of room and this pairing’s clean lines will make your home look uncluttered. Metal pairs well with fabric because the introduction of metal gives a room an interesting texture that cannot be achieved with fabric alone.

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