When it comes to the Bohemian style, everything is decorated—even your windows. Window treatments are an important part of the Bohemian home because they do so much more than offer privacy to the home. Bohemian window treatments add an extra layer to the room and help diffuse light without leaving the room too dark. They also tie the room together and makes it look more complete. Here’s how you can pick the perfect Bohemian window treatment for your home:

Bring Your Style Back to Earth

Floral and floral-like patterns like paisley are also an essential part of the Bohemian style. Floral designs here are usually more muted than their more traditional cousins, but they still give the room a pop of color. While the style of Bohemian is considered maximalist, it’s recommended to not go overboard on the floral lest they overwhelm the other aspects of your home.

You can also get in your earthy tones with window treatments like wood blinds and woven wood shades.

Don’t Be Afraid to Pair Different Patterns

The Bohemian style isn’t afraid to mismatch and look eclectic—if not a bit cluttered. In fact, mixing and matching your window treatment fabric to find the look that you love is one of the great things about a Bohemian home. As Apartment Therapy states, “the only thing that works with pattern is another pattern.”

Shades are a great way to mix and match your fabric patterns. For example, designer roller shades come in different floral patterns and colors so you can find the mix that is perfect for you.

Beads Are In

Another staple of the Bohemian style is beaded curtains over other window treatments. Beaded curtains are more commonly seen in doorways, but when added to a window, can make a lovely window treatment. You can either buy one or make your own with materials like:

  • Beads
  • Bells
  • Pieces of glass
  • Tiny mirrors

If you’re not into beaded curtains but still want beads, you can always use beads as drapery ties to get your fix.

Get the Moroccan Vibe

Another big inspiration for the Bohemian style is Moroccan or Moorish designs for that exotic look. Look for window treatments with Moorish designs like:

  • Mosaics
  • Arches
  • Geometric patterns

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