The Sherman Williams color of the year is Evergreen Fog. This soothing color moves away from the jewel tones of previous years. “Evergreen Fog SW 9130 is a versatile and calming hue, a chameleon color of gorgeous green-meets-gray, with just a bit of blue.  It’s a simple but sophisticated wash of beautiful, organic color for spaces that crave a subtle yet stunning statement shade,” states Sherman Williams.

Celebrate the color of the year with Victor Shade!

Find Your Color Of The Year At Victor Shadesherman williams evergreen fog

Whether you are painting your home with Evergreen Fog or want a window treatment in a similar color, Victor Shade is here to help you color match!

For example, the Hunter Douglas Pesto color is very similar to Evergreen Fog and is available in Duette®, Pirouette®, and Sonnette® window treatments.  Also, Duettes® and Pirouettes® offer the color “India Silk, Temple” that is an off-white with a hint of the Evergreen Fog color in the pattern to give a nice coordination.

Layer In Additional Texture

To the get most out of your home’s interior design with Evergreen Fog, don’t be afraid to add additional layers of textures like leathers, woods, and metals. Doing so will help your home be more visually interesting. If you do choose to go with a more neutral window treatment color, that’s fine! Neutral with another color, like Evergreen Fog, means you can choose whatever decor colors you want in your home and change those accent pieces whenever you need.

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At Victor Shade, we want you to have the interior design of your dreams. As such, we offer free in-home consultations where we will bring sample books into your home and work directly with you to show you the many colors and patterns available. We will show you how they will work in your home so you can make an informed decision.

We will also conduct a virtual consultation if you prefer. Our sales staff and installer are fully vaccinated to keep you safe.

Ultimately, the decision as to what treatments and designs to get for your home is up to you!

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