It is an exciting time here at Victor Shade Company! Not only are we thankful for our customers who have supported us over the years, but we have exciting new products from Hunter Douglas to share with you.

Sonnette™ Kickback Now Provides A Snugger Fit

Victor Shade Hunter DouglasNot all automated shades are created equal. The Sonnette™ shade from Hunter Douglas now offers a Kickback™ that promises a snugger fit within your windows. Kickback™ is an optional feature that forces the Sonette™ fabric an inch closer to the window when fully lowered.

How does it work? The shade comes off the front of the roll, which allows more light to enter the room.  With the kickback, the shades make a little extra rotation to pull it toward the back of the window. This feature helps prevent light gaps and keeps your home better insulated throughout the year.

This feature is offered as standard with Soft Touch Motorization, PowerView Motorization, and Custom Clutch, but is not available with LiteRise cordless lift system

Designer Screen Shades Now Offer A Duolite Option

When it comes to choosing between light diffusion and room darkening and privacy, you no longer have to decide! Designer Screen Shades are now available with a Duolite option, a two-in-one design in superior light control and privacy.

This patented, innovative design features a room darkening liner behind the shade itself. During the day, you will be able to see outside, and passers-by cannot see in, and at night you can lower the liner to prevent light from coming through and protect the privacy of your home.

This option all comes with the convenience of one roller and the choice to include PowerView® Automation.

PowerView™ Rechargeable Batteries

There is now a rechargeable battery option for the PowerView™ shades, which we are very excited about! The slim rechargeable battery wand is concealed behind the headrail and is easy to remove, recharge, and replace. Depending on shade use, the rechargeable wand will last up to one year before needing to be recharged. You will know when it is time when your shades run slowly. Or, if you have taken advantage of the PowerView hub, you will receive a notification via email or from the PowerView™ App indicating which shades have low batteries.

Designed with safety in mind, PowerView™ is UL listed and features the broadest operating temperature range of any rechargeable solution for window coverings on the market. As such, it comes equipped with a safety shutoff feature in the rare event that the battery reaches an unsafe temperature in direct sunlight.

New Custom Design Studio™ Side Panels & Drapery

Need to control those light gaps? Want stylish, decorative accents at your windows? Hunter Douglas’ new Design Studio™ custom drapery and side panels bring you a finished look to your décor and pairs perfectly with any Hunter Douglas window treatment.

With a wide selection of textures, colors, and fabrics, you will find precisely what you are looking for to complete your home’s look. Design Studio™ features both motorized and non-motorized options for Side Panels and Drapery. 

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