Whether you are a smoker, a previous smoker, or purchased a home where the former owners were smokers, getting the smell of cigarettes out of the home can be a daunting task.

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Here are five tips for getting rid of cigarette smells and stains in the home, for a fresher, healthier environment!

clean home of cigarettesOpen Up The Windows For Fresh Air

Step number one should be opening all the windows in the home for fresh air. You should also turn on fans in your home, facing the open windows, to help circulate the air and push out the smelly air faster.

Wash The Walls Of Your Home

The walls and baseboards of your home can act as a sponge for smells like cigarette smoke so you will need to wash them down with a mild, all-purpose cleaner.

Always test any cleaners you use on a small, inconspicuous area first. That way, if the cleaner does damage the wall, it will be in a small, hard-to-see area.

If the home’s walls are stained with nicotine, washing the walls is the first step in removing smells and stains. After washing and thoroughly drying the walls, you will want to seal them with a stain-blocking primer before painting with a top-quality latex paint.

Always wear safety glasses and cleaning gloves when cleaning to avoid injury.

Thoroughly Wash Clothes, Bed Covers, & Other Items

It should go without saying that your clothes, bed covers, blankets, and other items will need to be thoroughly washed. Before washing, hang the items up outside to air them out for several hours. Then, wash the items according to their instructions.

For best results, take the items to a professional cleaner.

Get A Professional Home Cleaner

Don’t be afraid to reach out to professional help in cleaning your home! Professional home cleaners are trained and have the equipment to remove hard-to-eliminate smells like cigarette smoke from your:

  • Furniture
  • Carpets and rugs
  • Air ducts

If worse comes to worst, you may have to replace the carpets and carpet pads if the smell continues to linger.

Take Your Window Treatments To Victor Shade

Window treatments will also fall victim to cigarette smoke.

Victor Shade is the only in-store repair and cleaning shop in the greater St. Louis area. We will happily take your window treatments in for repairs and cleaning, whether you purchased them at Victor Shade or another store!

Our professional cleaning department can clean:

Please remember that shades with mylar centers, room-dimming Silhouettes, and Luminettes cannot be cleaned in our ultrasonic tanks. Wood blinds are carefully taken apart, chemically cleaned, and re-laddered.

We will recommend and perform the correct cleaning procedures with all treatments.

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