If you’re looking for a way to add a splash of sophistication to any room in your home, hardwood shutters are an elegant choice. With a wide variety of stains, shapes, configurations and frames, hardwood shutters are perfect for a rustic home or any needing a touch of elegance.

Freshen Up Older Window Treatments

Are you tired of those old drapes or blinds? Hardwood shutters may be a perfect replacement to give the room new life and aesthetic appeal based on your desired function, location, and privacy needs. If you’re aiming for a Bohemian look, hardwood shutters provide the earthy tones you’re looking for.

Go Zero Waste

If you are trying to live a zero waste lifestyle or reduce your waste, hardwood shutters are an excellent option. Since they are all-natural, they can be recycled or upcycled if you ever choose to change your window treatments again.

Add Value To Your Home

Because of their high quality and elegance, hardwood shutters can add value to your home. Since they are custom fit for the windows and cannot be used again in a new home, hardwood shutters are usually included in the home’s sale price.

Go Energy Efficient

When your windows are sized for hardwood shutters, they will fit snugly, reducing your home’s heat gain and loss. This makes them an energy efficient option for any home.

Safe, Child- & Pet-Friendly Option

Because they have no corded lift system, hardwood shutters are a very safe option for homes with children and pets. Hardwood shutters are opened and closed via a tilt bar on the inside or outside of the shutters, allowing you precise, safe control over privacy and light.

Choosing Your Hardwood Shutters

When choosing hardwood shutters, ask yourself these questions:

  • Do I have room in my home? When they open up into the room, hardwood shutters can take up additional space, which some people dislike. If you aren’t concerned about room, hardwood shutters will work for you. Also, many people simply tilt their shutters opened or closed rather than opening them into the room. If this seems like you, then Hardwood shutters will work for you as well.
  • What are my windows like? If your windows tilt in for cleaning, hardwood shutters can only be placed on the outside of the window instead of being fitted on the inside. If your windows tilt in, and hardwood shutters are placed on the inside, you will lose the tilt feature.
  • Do I want to care for them? While easy to clean and maintain, hardwood shutters can become warped in humid environments or crack in dry climates and need to be cleaned and dusted with wood-safe products. If you prefer a lower-maintenance option, composite wood or vinyl shutters are good alternatives.
  • Do I like the look of real wood? Hardwood shutters brings real wood into your home to add elegance, match hardwood floors or furniture, or simply add warmth to the home. If you love the look of wood, hardwood shutters are for you.

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