Window treatment cord safety is an often overlooked home hazard that can pose a threat to the safety of young children. October is National Window Covering Safety Month, and Victor Shade will be dedicating the month to promoting and raising awareness of cord safety.

Window Covering Cords: A Hidden Danger

According to the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission, one child a month dies from entanglement with window covering cords. While infants and toddlers face the highest risk of strangulation deaths or injuries from window cords, children up to nine years old have also been injured.

Many parents and caregivers don’t think about the dangers of window cords and neglect or forget to remove them from the home. But with education and awareness, this threat can be eliminated from the home.

Be Safe: Go Cordless

If you are installing new window treatments in your home or have an older home with traditional pull-cords, it is essential that you make the switch to a cordless, child-proof lift system like motorization. If you prefer to keep your older window coverings, retrofit them to remove the cords from the reach of children. By taking these steps, you will be removing a hidden hazard from your home and making it a safer place for children to live and play.

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