Apartment or loft living can be great, especially if you are free to decorate however you like. But if you live in a small apartment or loft, you may be wondering how you can make your space seem bigger while remaining stylish.

Be Smart with Your Design

Keeping the design of your apartment or loft in mind when deciding on window treatments, since it will affect how the space will look. Being smart with your design will trick the eye into believing the room is bigger.

Keep it Light

When choosing your window treatments, use light colors as opposed to darker colors. Light colors will make your apartment feel brighter and larger, while dark colors will give the impression that the space is enclosed. It’s also recommended that you keep your window treatments light and airy, but if you want to have curtains, hang them closer to the ceiling to draw the eye upward. In doing so, the room will feel bigger and taller.

Create a Focal Point

If your windows are large enough, like a picture window, make it the focal point in your apartment or loft. By doing so, the eye will be drawn to the open window and the apartment or loft will feel bigger. To make a window focal point, hang some eye-catching window treatments and arrange the main seating around it.

Work with Your Preferred Style

The right window treatments will help your small space look and feel much bigger than it is, making your apartment living much more enjoyable. You should keep all of the window treatments in one room the same style. Doing so will prevent the eye from becoming overwhelmed with the different designs, making your apartment or loft look too busy and small.

If you’re the type who prefers a minimalist design, it will be much easier to make your apartment or loft feel bigger. After all, minimalism is all about keeping clutter down and making spaces feel bigger, which can be easily achieved with sheer shades. Sheer shades help maintain your privacy while letting in light. A good option for apartment living—especially if you live on the ground floor

If your style is more traditional or rustic, you can still achieve an open look. Woven shades are a great choice to give your apartment or loft an open look while adding texture.

Think About Window Treatment Technology

Keep in mind different lift system options for your window treatments. A cordless lift system will mean no cords dangling from your window treatments, providing fewer distractions and helping keep your room looking more open.

Motorized shades also have no cords and provide the added benefits of operating your shades with a remote control and by programming them to open and close at set times. For example, you can set them to open just before you come home. When you walk in the door, your windows will be open, letting in lots of light and making your apartment or loft feel bigger and homey.

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