Looking for wooden accents for your home that is considered something other than typical? Check out these one of a kind ideas for rustic home décor:

Go Back to the Basics with Wooden Countertops

If you’re looking for something new for the kitchen, wooden countertops are a beautiful choice. Wooden countertops are perfect addition to your rustic home décor as it brings the kitchen back to the wooden butcher blocks of olden days.

Wooden countertops have many benefits over marble or other materials:

  • They’re green since the wood can be sustainably grown and are recyclable.
  • They’re typically more budget friendly than other materials like laminate or stone.
  • They reduce noise from appliances and dinnerware since wood is a “soft” material.
  • They can be sanded and refinished to cover up normal wear and tear from knives or stains.

Get Cozy with Wooden Blinds & Shutters

When you’re relaxing in your home, you want to have your privacy. Wooden blinds and shutters offer that privacy in addition to giving your home a warm look and feel. These window treatments have rich, warm textures that will bring in the natural colors that you crave.

Before you buy hardwood shutters or blinds, think about if they will fit your lifestyle and windows. If you decide that you like the look but want something more budget friendly, faux wood blinds are a beautiful alternative.

Pass the Time with Wooden Clocks

A wooden clock on the wall makes a dramatic statement—especially if it is paired with metal. This piece of rustic home décor adds a sense of traditionalism and gentle warmth to your home. You can easily find one to match your home design and they’re sturdy—so you don’t have to worry about glass breaking if it gets dropped.

Spruce Up the Room with an Accent Wall

Tired of looking at a boring plain wall? Make it exciting by turning it into a wooden accent wall. An accent wall breaks up the room and draws the eye to the area, giving it something interesting to look at. This type of wall works especially well in a home with an open floor plan as it designates a certain area of the space as for a specific purpose, like sitting or eating.

Get the Cabin Look with a Wooden Ceiling

It may be the last place you think of, but a wooden ceiling isn’t just for log cabins or lodges if you want rustic home décor. These ceilings can be an economical and green solution that reduces sound in the home. They can also be stained in the color you desire or left to show off its natural beauty.

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