When choosing window treatment for your home, it’s not all about what they will look like. You must also take into account the lift system that will open or close those treatments. There’s a good chance that you’ll use your window treatments every day. Therefore, it’s important to understand how each lift system works so you can choose a product that works for you.

Standard Cordlock

The standard Cordlock lift system is your traditional pull-cord. The cord gets longer as you pull the shade up and goes back to its original position when the shade is lowered. This system features a locking mechanism to control the position of the shade. All you have to do is simply pull the cord to the side to unlock and lift up or down.

The standard lift system can pose a choking hazard for children and pets due to the hanging cord. To combat this problem, Victor Shade installs a required cord cleat on the wall that you can safely wrap the cord around. This attachment prevents your cord from dangling when you’re not using it, making it difficult to get caught by a child or pet’s throat.

EasyRiseTM & Clutch Roller System

The EasyRiseTM lift system is available as an alternative to the standard lift system. It is a pulley system that is attached to the wall, which reduces choking hazard and prevents the cord from getting twisted. Simply pull down on the front of the cord to lower the shade and on the back of the cord to raise up the shade. The pulley is encased in a shell on the EasyRise TM system to prevent damage to the mechanism. The clutch roller system operates the same as the EasyRise® system and is a beaded plastic or metal chain used on roller shades and screen shades


The UltraGlide® lift system is a great solution if you want your window treatments to be lifted by a cord, but don’t want to worry about choking hazards. Simply pull gently on the cord to raise the shade part of the way and let the cord retract. Continue this process until the shade is raised to the desired position. To lower the shade, just pull the cord toward the middle of the shade and release the cord. The shade will lower by itself.  Whether the shade is open or closed, the cord remains retracted upward and out of reach of children and pets.


LiteRise® is a cordless lift system. To open or close your window shade, you simply hold the middle of the bottom rail and manually push the shade to the desired position. This system does work differently on different shades. For example, on honeycomb shades, all you have to do is push them up or pull them down to the desired position. But because of the style, the shades don’t tilt open. If you want LiteRise® on Silhouette® shades, or “sheer shades,” as they are more commonly known, you can open the slats when the shade is pulled down by tipping the bottom rail up or down. You can also lift the shade up and pull the shade down by using the bottom rail as well. Since they are lifted manually, LiteRise® is not recommended for tall windows, or windows that are hard to reach


PowerViewTM is our motorized lift system option and is ideal for tall or hard to reach windows, as they can be easily lifted with the push of a button. It comes with a remote and the option to connect to your Apple or Android smartphone or tablet so control is always at your fingertips. Through PowerViewTM, you can program your shades to open or close at set times and “set scenes” for waking up, going to bed, or any other time that you want. If you have a home automation system installed already, PowerView will work seamlessly with it.

If you don’t have a smart device or don’t want to use the app, that’s okay! PowerViewTM comes with a remote that Victor Shade will program for you. The remote can be handheld or can be mounted on your wall for easy access and prevent being misplaced.

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