Custom Window Treatments are an Affordable Upgrade

In these unpredictable economic times, it’s understandable if homeowners and business owners are hesitant about major remodeling or redecorating projects. Inflation has affected prices and nearly four years after the start of the pandemic, many contractors still have full schedules. But it’s also understandable that those same home and business owners continue to want to make noticeable upgrades in the décor and function of their homes and offices.

The question is, how?

Custom window treatments can be an attractive option

Upgrading window treatments in a home or business can have a major impact on the look, feel and function of any room, home or building. Custom window treatments are exactly that – customized for the precise fit, look and feel of a window. Think of the difference in appearance between an off-the-rack suit and a custom-tailored suit. Every detail falls into line, the fit is perfect and the function flawless.


Certainly, refreshing window treatments can be done with a tape measure, a notebook, a trip to a home improvement center and some basic tools. But that “refresh” is not going to have the quality materials, precision fit and high-quality construction of a custom window treatment. Nor will it have the outstanding appearance of a custom product and installation.


Outstanding visual impact at a reasonable price

Custom fitted and professionally installed blinds and shades made by highly-regarded manufacturers will carry a somewhat higher price tag than will off-the-shelf products available at a hardware or home improvement store.


But you get what you pay for. If you would love to completely remodel a room or home, but choose not to due to extremely high costs, then it’s important to keep in mind that quality custom window treatments can be an attractive and impressive upgrade, one that will last for years, at a fraction of the cost of much larger projects such as remodeling.


What’s the difference that makes custom window treatments better?

When comparing the prices of window treatments available online and the custom treatments we offer, keep the following in mind:

  • We offer professional design services. This means we’ll look at your home, a specific room or your business, discuss your décor and functional objectives, and then make thoughtful recommendations as to what specific treatments best meet your objectives. These recommendations will outline colors, materials, designs, functions and specific products that meet your needs.
  • We offer exceptionally high-quality products. We carefully select the manufacturers whose products we offer our valued customers. The blinds, shades and other treatments we offer are well-designed, painstakingly engineered and durable. These products are made from the best materials, which means they will have an outstanding appearance and will resist fading and deterioration for years. In short, our products look great and are built to last.
  • Our fitting services are second to none. We have decades of experience in measuring and fitting window treatments. Bay windows, dormer windows, sliding glass doors, conventional windows, our professionals have fit window treatments to all of them and delivered beautiful, perfectly-fitting results for decades.
  • Our installation is outstanding. Even a high-quality window treatment will fall short of a customer’s objectives if it is poorly or improperly installed. Our professional installers have years of experience mounting custom window treatments perfectly and securely, ensuring the exceptional fit and longevity our customers expect.
  • We also offer maintenance and repair services, both of which will keep your new window treatments looking perfect and functioning flawlessly for years to come.


See the differences!

We invite you to see and experience the differences between “off the rack” window treatments and custom blinds, shades and draperies. Visit our new showroom – located at 11477 Page Service Drive, St. Louis, MO 63146 – the perfect place to shop for window treatments of all types, or schedule a consultation with our team. Quality matters, especially to the discerning customer. Let us show you why our window treatments will make a difference for you, your home or your business.

You’ll find we have an exceptional selection of blinds, shades, outdoor solar shades, motorized, smart home compatible window treatments, and products from Hunter Douglas and other select manufacturers.

Contact the Professionals at Victor Shade

When it comes to updating your window treatments and installing motorized custom shades or blinds, it’s important to work with experienced professionals who are committed to ensuring you will get the right product, the outstanding look, the best possible system, and a clean, precisely functioning installation.

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