Your Business Needs Quality Custom Window Treatments

Quality custom window treatments serve several functions. They add beauty and elegance to any room, home, or business. They also serve functional purposes, minimizing the amount of sunlight that comes in through windows during the summer months, reducing energy costs. In addition, they can be opened to maximize sunlight during winter days, allowing the sun to naturally warm a room, and at night they can be closed, helping to hold heat in and keep cold air out. They also provide additional security as they can keep prying eyes from looking through a window. Each of these benefits applies to homes, but they’re all relevant to businesses as well.

Custom Window Treatments Impress

First impressions matter, whether in a home, a school or business. In a business setting, those first impressions set the tone for customers, suppliers, and employees alike. Cheap, damaged, dirty or ill-fitting window treatments create a negative impression of your business.

Custom window treatments, selected for their appearance and functionality, create a positive impression as well as a more buttoned-down environment. Customers want a quality experience from the businesses they patronize, and that experience begins with a business’s physical appearance. Clean, high quality, professionally installed, stylish window treatments that fit a window precisely tell customers that details matter to your business.

Quality Window Treatments Create a Positive Work Environment

Custom window treatments bring an air of quality and professionalism to a business environment. They also can regulate exterior light, reducing eye strain for employees who spend their days in front of computer screens.

In addition, quality custom window treatments contribute to keeping rooms cool in the summer and warm in the winter. And remember, blinds, shades and drapes aren’t reserved for exterior windows, especially in a business setting. These treatments can also be used for interior windows, and in the case of floor to ceiling windows, can be used to divide one room from another when privacy is needed or during presentations best viewed in a room with reduced light.

High Quality Shades, Blinds and Drapes Add Value

Commercial property owners, managers and landlords are operating in a highly competitive market today, as they try to win new tenants and retain existing tenants. While these real estate professionals know that location, layout and square footage are important to tenants, they also know that amenities are often the deciding factor between two similar properties.

Building owners who seek to get the greatest return on investment in their properties should consider updating and upgrading window treatments in their property. Tenants, ranging from dentists and accountants to construction companies and retail stores compare many factors when evaluating properties. These tenants are often keenly aware of the bottom-line value of amenities such as custom window treatments.

Quality Custom Shades, Blinds and Drapes Endure

Custom, quality window treatments are an investment, one that with proper care and cleaning, can hold up over time. Out custom window treatments are made by companies that have built a reputation for outstanding quality. Their window treatments are built to last, and to look and function well for years. They may cost more than inexpensive products available online, but their custom designs fit windows better, they operate more reliably, their looks last and they tend to stand up well to use and even abuse.

In addition, our quality, professional installation means they will stay mounted firmly in place for years. And these products come with some of the best warranties in the industry. We offer only quality products from Hunter Douglas including:

Quality makes all the difference when it comes to window treatments in your home or in your office.

Finally …

When it comes to updating and upgrading your business’s window treatments, it’s important to work with experienced professionals who are committed to ensuring you will get the right product, outstanding look, the best possible system, and a clean, perfectly functioning installation.

Victor Shade Company has been providing exceptional service to customers for 115 years. We’re here to show you your options, help you choose the right window treatments, and install high-quality products for you, every time. Contact us today for a complimentary consultation!