Motorization is a modern, safe, and convenient way to control your home’s window treatments from the couch, your work, or while on vacation.

This feature is also designed to work with your smart home system such as Nest® and Amazon Echo.

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Now, smart home automation for your window treatments from Victor Shade have expanded to both Google Home and iHome!

Why Go Automated?

Home automation is a great way to control aspects of your home with just the sound of your voice. For example, if you are busy and need to open the shades you can simply activate your hub and ask it to open them.

This feature is especially useful for window treatments that are installed in high or hard to reach areas.

Motorization & Home Automation Are Child-Safe

Another reason to invest in motorized shades and automation is that they are cordless and do not present an entanglement threat to children or pets. Window cord safety is of the utmost importance to Victor Shade, so we will always provide you with the safest window treatment lift options.

Ask Victor Shade About Motorization For Your Home

When you come to the Victor Shade Showroom  to choose your perfect window treatments, ask us about motorization. We are always happy to give you a demonstration.

Please remember that motorization cannot be added to your window treatments after purchase and installation. If you wish to have motorization in your home, please request it before ordering.

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