Your home décor’s color palette is on the neutral side, be it beiges, whites, or warm greys. Is there a way to add a burst of color without it becoming overwhelming? Simply adding creative bits of color around your home will help you get that color you want. By selecting colors and where they go in your home, you can add a burst of color that is pleasing to the eye and help highlight parts of your home.

Fancy Up Your Headboard

Headboards are a great way to add color to your home. Adding a colorful pattern or a simple solid color will make your bed the centerpiece of the room. If you’re worried that the headboard may be too busy and disrupt your sleep, House Beautiful recommends evening it out with simple, solid bedding colors.

Give Your Furniture Personality

If your furniture is neutral, consider adding a colorful fringe to the edges for an extra pop of color. Find a color that would go with your color palette and tastes, but feel free to experiment for an edgier look. If you like your furniture the way it is, colorful pillows or a throw will also do the trick.

Add Awesome Window Treatments

Designer roller shades or colorful curtains are excellent ways to add color to your home and draw the eye to the windows, making the room seem bigger. The color palette should complement your personal style and the design of the room. Of course, you can always break style traditions and mix and match color palettes and textures to make the look more exciting.

Paint the Ceiling

Who said that your ceiling had to stay white? Removing the popcorn on your ceiling and painting it a bright color helps make a strong statement. In addition to adding color to your home, it will also help the room feel bigger by drawing the eye upwards.

Color Your Interior Doors

Want to try something different? Paint the interior doors of your home colors like navy or even a bright yellow for a dramatic look. While it may make your home appear smaller since the color palette of the room is broken up, it more than makes up for it with boldness.

If painting the entire door seems too much for you, consider adding a colorful trim to it instead. Be sure to choose a semi-gloss paint so nicks and scratches aren’t as prominent.

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