Details Make the Difference

What makes for an outstanding custom window treatment? One that lasts for years, functions flawlessly and adds to the aesthetic of a room, a home or an office?

It’s all in the details. 

Design Matters

The design of a custom window treatment can refer to two qualities. First, the functional design which includes all of the mechanical design of a window treatment. Modern custom window treatments can be operated by pull cords, wands, clutch roller systems, or motors controlled by a remote or by a smart phone. Each system offers specific advantages, and each needs incorporate outstanding design work and the best possible materials. This means close tolerances, perfect fit of components such as gears, fasteners and slides, and avoiding designs which place unnecessarily heavy stresses on parts, improving their function and extending their life.

A poorly designed system will be prone to binding, sticking and ultimately failure. Well-designed treatments work smoothly, quietly, and easily. The best designs often are the simplest, as fewer parts mean less likelihood of failure. Excellent design also extends to the simplicity of controls. Treatments using a remote or incorporating smart home capability should have clear, straightforward control systems. 

Design also refers to appearance, and like mechanical design, the details make all the difference. Top manufacturers such as Hunter Douglas spend extreme amounts of time appraising and choosing colors and materials for their blinds and shade. “Pretty close” and “about right” aren’t good enough. Outstanding décor comes down to what may seem to be minor differences. But those differences distinguish “nice” and “OK” from “excellent” and “beautiful.” And Understanding what colors and materials are timeless, enduring classics is important, as is knowing exactly which currently “in” looks are on target and will endure.

Custom Window Treatments Must Fit Perfectly

One of the hallmarks of high-quality custom window treatments is fit. A perfectly measured window treatment will cover a window completely, not leaving a gap or not being less than fully extended when the window is completely covered. It should also be centered perfectly, precisely level to the floor and neither too high above the floor or dragging along the flooring.

While measuring may sound simple, it’s actually an extremely precise undertaking best done by a professional who fully understands the exact function and look of the window treatment to be installed. Not only do inches matter, but even a quarter of an inch makes a noticeable difference when it comes to sizing window treatment.

The fit of a custom window treatment is as precise as the fit of a wedding dress or a tailored suit. 

Installation is Key

Installation of window treatments is a precise task, one in which even the smallest detail can make an enormous difference in the appearance or function of a window treatment. 

Installation begins with exceptionally accurate measurements. It also includes perfectly mounted hardware securing the blinds, shades or shutters to the wall, as well as the actual installation of the window treatment on the mounting components. 

Again, a properly installed window treatment will be precisely centered, exactly level and at the correct height relative to the window and the floor. “Close” simply isn’t good enough. 

We are here to help!

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