The entryway to your home is a visitor’s first impression—and you want it to be a good one. Nothing says “Welcome!” like a bright, inviting space.

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If you frown each time you enter your home or fumble for the light switch, your entryway needs to be brightened up. Here are five ways you can achieve a brighter, beautiful entryway:

Use Mirrors To Reflect Lightinterior design

Mirrors are a great way to take advantage of natural light and reflect it for the illusion of a brighter entryway. Strategically place them on the walls in clusters and facing light to reflect it around the room.

Paint The Internal Facing Of Your Door A Lighter Color

Your front door doesn’t have to be the same front and back! For the interior-facing side of your front door, paint it a lighter color so it doesn’t absorb light. This will also create a sense of much-needed brightness.

Take Advantage Of Light-Diffusing Window Treatments

Speaking of doors, a door with glass in it is a great way to bring natural light into your entryway. But if that glass is clear, you may be worried about privacy.

This is where Victor Shade can help!

For single doors like your front door, we recommend horizontal shades such as Roman shades for a classic, clean look, or honeycomb shades for energy efficiency. Many treatments have a Duolite® option for diffused natural light while retaining privacy. which pairs a sheer or semi-opaque shade for natural light with an opaque shade for privacy.

Opt For Bright Lighting

If you have no windows in your entryway it’s a good idea to choose bright lighting in your entryway. This will make it feel welcoming and scare away the darkness at night.

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