Do you find yourself wishing you had a way to control all of the window treatments in your home from anywhere on the fly? Maybe you left for vacation and forgot to close the blinds, or maybe you want to let some light in for your dogs while you’re at work. With motorized shades, you can easily put your mind at ease.

Motorization allows for a number of customization options, including the ability to control your window shades from your phone, tablet, smart home device, or remote control.

Create Presets & Sync Timers

One of the draws of motorized shades is that you can create presets and sync your timers so your shades create the mood you’re looking for. Thanks to the PowerView Mobile App and the Pebble Remote, you can operate up to six different groups of shades at the same time using your smart device regardless of where you are.

If you are at home, the Pebble Remote is a stylish way to raise and lower your shades. Motorization is simple to use. So simple, in fact, your kids can use it!

Get Rid of Cords

Motorized shades are also a great option when it comes to home safety. Because they don’t need cords, motorized shades are a safe alternative to corded lift systems. By removing cords from your home, children and pets won’t become entangled, which can lead to injury or death. You can open or close your window treatments will the tap of a screen or button without any worry or risk.

Works with Smart Home Systems

If you have a smart home system, you can easily set up your motorized shades to work with it. PowerView is designed to work with systems like Nest. Simply connect your PowerView account with your Nest account and customize your motorization settings.

Nest will then sense when you leave and enter your home and send instructions to PowerView to automatically open or close according to your settings. This automation is also a good way to help your home save energy—your system will sense the temperature in your home and close the blinds to help prevent energy loss.

In addition to Nest, motorization also works with systems like IFTTT, Google Home, Amazon Echo and Logitech Harmony Home, among others, to fit your lifestyle.

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