Big, open windows let in lots of natural light, make your home look bigger, and are generally a striking home design statement. Sounds perfect, right?

Well, it can be perfect if you know the big secret for big windows: choosing the right window treatments.

Customize Window Treatment Sizes

Whether you live the minimalist lifestyle or prefer an open floor plan, choosing the right window treatments are essential for big, open windows. They will keep your home and windows looking breezy and open without becoming overwhelming.

It’s near impossible to find window treatments for large windows in your average hardware store. Since each window is unique, custom window treatments are your best option since they can be measured to perfectly fit your windows. Even if your window is a unique shape, a free in home consultation can help you find the treatment you want.

Find the Right Treatment Type

Choose window treatments that have a smaller headrail or a cassette that the window treatment can disappear into such as roller shades. Small head rails will keep the big, open look of your windows without sacrificing beauty. Also, custom products like Silhouette shades provide that soft sunlight view when tilted and disappear into the head rail when opened.

Pro tip: While shutters are popular and a beautiful option, it’s a good idea to avoid them if you want to make your windows look bigger. When opened, they take up room and the slats cannot be raised or lowered.

Maintain Your Privacy

Big, open windows can mean less privacy if you’re not careful. People will be able to easily see into your home from the street. To protect your privacy while preserving your big windows, there are many window treatments that can provide you with the privacy you need without sacrificing natural light. For example, sheer shades will let light into your home while keeping your home private with its gauzy texture.

Go Green When Possible

Just remember that larger windows usually mean more energy is lost through them, so invest in energy efficient windows to help reduce energy costs. Going green will also have the added benefit of helping the environment.

Flaunt Your Home’s Openness

Now that you’ve got the right window treatments for your big, open windows, flaunt them! An open home creates a comfortable space for hosting guests. Don’t forget to open them on a nice day; larger windows are great at catching that spring or summer breeze.

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