If you’re keen on keeping up with what’s popular in the latest home interior design, take a minute to look at your own habits and style. It is possible to keep up with the Joneses while applying your own personal tastes to the mix.

In fact, these touches will make your home stand out and reflect your values. It doesn’t matter if you’re introverted or extroverted, analytical or creative, contemporary or traditional. You can turn popular home interior design on its head to make it uniquely you.

Break the Rules

Believe it or not, you can have your cake and eat it too. One of the greatest things about personalizing your home interior design is rebelling. Show those rules who’s boss.

Case in Point: Cozy Minimalismliving room

For example, if you’re an introvert who enjoys warm, cozy spaces and also digs a stark modern look, you still have options. You can make these home interior design goals compatible with a little effort.

Consider that modern design is usually associated with big open spaces, neutral hues, simple shapes, smooth textures, and clean lines. By breaking just one of these rules, you can make your minimalistic room feel more comfortable:

  • Big open spaces: Break them up with screens, curtains, or furniture for more privacy
  • Neutral hues: Choose a vibrant or warm color for your walls, upholstery, or window treatments
  • Simple shapes: Buy a piece of furniture or art that flaunts an unusual shape
  • Smooth textures: Add a soft throw, furry rug, or a couch you can really sink into
  • Clean lines: Bookmark your room with an ornate end table

In short, play with design aesthetics to ensure your home is a place you’re proud of and a place you want to be.

Take Your Home Traffic into Account

Do you enjoy intimate get-togethers with friends or are big house parties more your thing? Are you living solo in your own apartment or do you have a family of five coming in and out at all times of the day? Knowing who will frequent your home should help determine your home interior design. That way, you can be sure that you’ll find the improvement you’re looking for that makes your home comfortable and stylish.

Case in Point: Choosing & Arranging FurnitureModern house interior

Again, if you’re more introverted, smaller seating areas are often enough for more intimate conversations with friends. On the other hand, if you’re the extroverted type, you need more open spaces while also allowing for more seating for your guests. For example, window seats, multipurpose ottomans, or “host chairs” (chairs that look like armchairs and can double as extra seating in a pinch) add more seating space, take up very little space, give your home an extra bit of flair and keep those coveted open spaces.

Ask Yourself: “Am I a Clean & Organized Person?” (Be Honest!)

Does everything need to be in its place, or are you happy with a bit of clutter for that lived-in look? Knowing how organized you are and how you prefer your home to look will be a big indicator of how you will implement your home’s storage space.

Case in Point: Storing While Displaying

If you’re an organized person blessed with a smaller home with minimal storage, you’ll find it’s a great way to exercise your creative bone. If you need everything nice and organized while maintaining the illusion of an open home, consider switching to open cabinets. In opening up your storage and putting your items on display, your home will appear more open while giving the eye something to look at.

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