If you travel a lot, you’re probably use to that nagging feeling that you forgot something important. Luckily, there’s plenty of technology today that lets you double check on the most important parts of your home. With these home improvements, you will be able to travel with peace of mind and keep an eye on your place while you’re away.

Control Your Home’s Heating & Cooling with Tech-Savvy Thermostats

When you leave for a business trip or vacation and you have pets or children at home, adjusting the temperature in your house will help save you money on energy costs.

Did you forget to adjust the temperature before you left? No worries. Smart thermostats like Nest learn your routine to adjust the temperature of your home accordingly to help you save money. Most thermostats are easy to install and can connect to your smartphone so you can adjust the temperature of your home from anywhere. When you are gone for a long period of time traveling, it will automatically turn down the temperature, or you can do it yourself via your phone.

Peace of Mind with Remote Home Security

If your home has a security system, more security brands are offering remote monitoring to their list of products. Many of these apps allow you to monitor your home wherever you are as well as:

  • Arm and disarm your security system
  • View camera feeds
  • Alert you in case of fire or intrusion

Some of these apps also let you control the lights in your home. That way, your home won’t remain dark and alert potential thieves that you’re not home. You can set them on a timer to turn on and off at set times or at random. If you come back from your trip at night, your system will turn the lights on for you so you don’t have to fumble for that light switch.

Control Motorized Shades from Your Phone

Forgot to close the blinds before you left home? Motorized shades allow you to open or close your shade no matter wherever you are via the PowerView mobile app. In addition to controlling your shades remotely, you can also set schedules for your shades to open and close at set times of the day for individual rooms.

If you have home sitters, maids, or other visitors coming to your home while you’re gone, there is no need for them to go around the house and open the shade to let some light in. This automation is especially useful for maids who are paid by the hour. You will be able to have the shades open automatically for them, then close again when they leave.

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