When Scott bought Victor Shade Company in September of 2005, he “inherited” all of the equipment including the cars. One van in particular was on the older side. It had a plain design with our name and address on it. The funny part about the van was that it said “Custom Shades, Shutters, and Bliinds.” (With 2 I’s). We always laughed about it, but most people never even noticed.

Fast forward several years, and we knew it was finally time to get a new van. This time, we wanted it wrapped and professional looking. It took several weeks to get the design the way we wanted it, but we are very proud of how the new van turned out.

Now, when you see the van on the street, in your neighborhood, or in your driveway, you will know that not only is it Victor Shade Company, but that we are a first class company! As you know, we offer quality shades, shutters and blinds (with only 1 I) and pride ourselves on our customer service and customer satisfaction.

Keep your eyes out for our new van- we are all around St. Louis and Southern Illinois- so it is likely that you will spot us.